Brunswick Music Festival

A contemporary visual identity for the 30th anniversary of Australia's longest running inner-city music festival.

Each year the festival’s identity takes inspiration from the suburb’s distinct visual character, in particular the colorful, bold, often freeform typography layered across shop frontages along Sydney Road.

The ‘ticket’ motif is at the core of the BMF brand, a symbolic offering, welcoming the broader community to share and experience Brunswick’s progressive multiculturalism, history, diversity and vibrant creative arts culture. The ticket also works as a flexible visual framework, allowing for new themes and expressions to be explored each year without compromising on consistent brand recognition and visibility.

The introduction of Brunswick Grotesque in 2020 is testament to this, collaborating with local type designer Dennis Graul who’s typeface responds to the challenge of communicating a sense of place, echoing the irreverent inconsistencies in signage within Brunswick.

The brand’s ability to foster change, collaboration and playfulness is a reflection of the Brunswick community.

TRiC have completed identity based campaigns for the festival in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

“The brand reflects all the festival’s renewed values whilst sitting amongst the most revered visual communications across Australia and the globe. Additionally, it makes a breeze of attracting notable artists, collaborators, sponsors who are instantly comfortable with and understand what the festival is all about and are enthusiastic about being associated with it due to the benefits and value garnered from the brand alignment. It goes without saying we couldn’t have achieved what we did in changing public and industry perception around the festival without the visual identity TRiC developed.

As a design team, Tristan and Rick’s approach is informed by their shared backgrounds and depth of knowledge around all things music, fashion, culture, art and design. For us this all combined to point to them being the right fit. We wanted to attract audiences the festival wasn’t previously attracting and to do this we had to do things the festival had never done before and that’s what our work with Tristan and Rick facilitated us to do. It’s a creative working relationship I am endlessly inspired by and it’s a privilege to work with them.“

Anna Jacobs
Marketing Manager
Brunswick Music Festival

• Creative Direction
• Brand Identity
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BMF Grotesque, Dennis Grauel

• Josh Robenstone

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