Hector’s Deli

Hector’s Deli is located on the corner of a quiet back street in suburban Melbourne. Tall windows let plenty of morning light into the small venue, with only eight seats inside and a pared back fit-out featuring clean white brickwork and white tiles.

In 2017 Dom Wilton asked TRiC to create an iconic mark and visual presence for the deli, to match it’s limited offering of coffee and five high quality sandwiches.

The intention was to serve giant sandwiches that would burst out of your hand. This lead to the creation of a hand icon, originally drawn on an etch-a-sketch.

The icon, paired with a heavy serif wordmark, vibrant red and contrasting secondary type, produces a robust and highly coveted identity.

The success of the first deli led to a second in 2021, and a third in 2022. TRiC continue to work closely with the Hector’s Deli team, expanding on the identity and creative strategy to produce campaigns, packaging and collateral.

“What sets TRiC apart is their ability to understand the people behind the brand. Working with Tristan and Rick is an organic experience; it’s collaborative and without any presence of ego. The brand is great to look at, but it’s so much more than that. It represents what we stand for at Hector’s Deli. The genius is in their simple and authentic approach.”

Dom Wilton
Hector’s Deli

• Campaigns
• Collateral
• Creative Direction
• Identity
• Packaging
• Strategy

Packaging: Contain Design Studio
Photography: Josh Robenstone & Annika Kafcaloudis

The Brand Identity