Lagoon Dining

Lagoon Dining is a restaurant serving dishes that lean heavily on Chinese culinary traditions. Located in Carlton, Melbourne's Italian district, TRiC was commissioned to work on the concept, naming, visual identity, signage and interior of the restaurant with OLAVER.

“The concept  TRiC developed for us lies very close to the heart of Lagoon Dining and has in many ways set the tone for the venue as a whole. TRiC gave us direction with the name of the restaurant and then worked our branding and signage around this. Accompanying the brand are a series of icons that we really feel encapsulate what we are about; they’re captivating, playful, and dynamic. TRiC helped us gain clarity on our concept and we believe elevated the Lagoon Dining offering as a whole. From our presence  on Lygon Street right down to our coasters and all throughout the venue; the imagery, pallet, and attention to detail is a bold expression of finesse and fun. We love it.”

Keat, Ned and Chris
Lagoon Dining

• Creative Direction
• Brand Identity
• Brand Strategy
• Naming
• Architectural Consultancy
• Signage
• Packaging


Signal Compressed, Production Type
SoLow, Out of the Dark

• Josh Robenstone
Ben Hosking

• Eat Drink Design 2020

The Brand Identity