Lagoon Dining

“The concept  TRiC developed for us lies very close to the heart of Lagoon Dining and has in many ways set the tone for the venue as a whole. TRiC gave us direction with the name of the restaurant and then worked our branding and signage around this. Accompanying the brand are a series of icons that we really feel encapsulate what we are about; they’re captivating, playful, and dynamic. TRiC helped us gain clarity on our concept and we believe elevated the Lagoon Dining offering as a whole. From our presence  on Lygon Street right down to our coasters and all throughout the venue; the imagery, pallet, and attention to detail is a bold expression of finesse and fun. We love it.”

Keat, Ned and Chris
Lagoon Dining

• Creative Direction
• Brand Identity
• Brand Strategy
• Naming
• Architectural Consultancy
• Signage
• Packaging


Signal Compressed, Production Type
SoLow, Out of the Dark

• Josh Robenstone
Ben Hosking

• Eat Drink Design 2020

The Brand Identity