OLAVER is an architectural studio founded in 2015 by Melbourne architect Emlyn Olaver. In 2020, TRiC were invited to define the essence and identity of their practice through an extensive rebrand.

TRiC developed a robust typographic system and visual identity to reflect the balance of austerity and playfulness seen within the practice.

Hi-contrast, graphic letterforms define the identity system, complimented by secondary type set in a slab serif, creating a dynamic hierarchy. This resolves in a refined, type-led system to provide a clear framework for contemporary photography and communication across architectural drawings, formal documents, digital applications, stationery and signage. “We asked to TRiC to help us reignite our brand and provide an identity which better captured our aesthetic and approach. The design discussion was vigorous and we are incredibly happy with the result. Their approach has not only made our brand cohesive but provided a pause for reflection and consideration of how we see ourselves and where we want to be.”

Emlyn Olaver, OLAVER

Creative Direction

Photography: Josh Robenstone
Typography: Field Grotesk & Quadrant Mono (Matter of Sorts) 
The Brand Identity