RUSSH Home Issue 1

RUSSH Home is a new magazine that offers an inside look into the creative minds of individuals who reject traditional aesthetic conventions. The magazine explores the spaces and internal worlds of architects, designers, and other creatives to gain insight into the internal landscapes that shape their work and our culture. The first issue, edited by Tamsin Johnson, and art directed by TRiC, features original content and intimate conversations with a diverse group of individuals, including Tony Albert, Daniel Boyd, Lucy Folk, Eny Lee Parker, Quentin Jones, Alexandra Agoston, Bill Henson, Tom Riley, Laila Gohar, Sophie Dries, Marc Leschelier, and Adrien Mesko. The cover art, Untitled, (GB), 2015, by Daniel Boyd, is a critical examination of colonial history and Indigenous perspectives.

• Art Direction
• Publication Design
• Masthead

Editor-in-cheif: Jess Blanch
Editor: Tamsin Johnson
Photography: Adrian Meško
Typography: Maris, Dinamo