SUPERCHEESE is a specialist cheese shop located on Swan Street, Richmond, in inner-city Melbourne, serving seriously good cheese. The brainchild of long-time Melbourne cheese professional Jeremy Spradbery and his wife Lucy, TRiC were tasked with creating a distinctive identity for SUPERCHEESE, unlike anything else in the cheese world.

We were inspired by the unique story behind SUPERCHEESE, the name deriving from a series of Lucy’s family movies created on Super 8 film in the late 1970s and early 1980s. SUPERCHEESE was a superhero character who would magically appear to give superpowers through a piece of Bodalla cheese. 

Taking influence from the world of superheroes, and the irreverence of European shop signage, creating a unique visual language reflective of the shop's energetic and distinctive personality. We created a super fun, expressive custom logo and unique identity for SUPERCHEESE, brought to life through artful photography by our friend Lauren Bamford. 
The SUPERCHEESE logo features custom oblique letterforms, rounded and generous in proportion to convey a sense of movement, excitement, and dynamism. Complemented by minimal typesetting and a distinctive green, representing the pastoral beginnings of dairy, the graphic elements create an unexpected visual language for a cheese shop. Macro photography of cheeses, artfully arranged to enhance the textures, colours, and intricacies of each variety bring life to the bold graphic language of the brand. 

The resulting identity sets SUPERCHEESE apart in the cheese world, establishing the brand as a distinctive icon in the local community.

Creative Direction
Print Collateral

Photography: Lauren Bamford
Typography: Custom Logo (TRiC), Diatype Mono Bold (ABC Dinamo)