Beci Orpin

We’ve known Beci for more than 20 years, as friends and disciples working and interacting in parallel. As a designer and illustrator, Beci came to us with an archive of her sketchbooks, and tasked us with creating a publication to celebrate 25 years of her independent practice.

An integral part of Beci’s process, her sketchbooks are deeply personal — an archive of her brain, her work and her life, containing records of ideas, information and drawings. 

Our approach was to maintain the integrity and scale of Beci’s sketchbooks, by establishing a strict set of parameters for documentation and design:

—All content must be divided into decades
—All content must be scanned
—All content must be represented at 1:1 scale
—All layouts must be created in the scanner
In this way, the book designed itself, with everything represented in verbatim. 

The book is organised into decades, showcasing the evolution and diversity within Beci’s practice. It also reveals a common thread, with Beci often inspired by femininity and femaleness, reflected in the many drawings of girls and things with a female lean, and in the title of the book. 

‘book of girls’ is a colourful window into Beci Orpin’s world and creative practice. 

Creative Direction
Publication Design

Photography: Michael Pham
Print: Pinky Print