Artist, curator and cultural consultant Thomas Supple has been working in the cultural sector for over 15 years, previously co-directing Supple Fox in tandem with roles at major Australian Arts festivals and organisations. 

After years working in parallel in the creative industry, Tom approached TRiC to design the brand for his new practice, BEFORE, coinciding with his first project curating the exclusive Björk Cornucopia performance at Perth Festival in early 2023.  

Initial discussions revealed Tom’s philosophy and process in which he creates mind maps and diagrams that articulate the way he curates projects.

We explored ideas around shifting perspectives across time, and the process of being behind an outcome. We viewed the BEFORE logo as a point in time, an exact moment of inception where the process meets with the viewer. Writing BEFORE backwards allowed us to convey this visually — from inside, BEFORE’s perspective, the wordmark is written forwards, and from outside, the viewer’s perspective, it reads backwards. 
Utilising the forward and effective graphic language of placard signage, we were able to speak directly to this moment in time. By using a bold condensed typeface we conveyed a strong, simple message. The monospace typeface that complements the brand references the mechanical nature of the BEFORE as a concept that involves spreadsheets and specifications. An instructional diagram points to the process and the calmative idea of space and time.

BEFORE explores the interaction with those experiencing the outcome; perspectives converging on a point, a time and place, and an experience. 

Creative Direction

Photography: Courtesy of BEFORE
Typography: Founders Grotesk (Klim Type Foundry), Quadrant Text Mono (Matter of Sorts)