Blackhearts & Sparrows

Blackhearts & Sparrows are an independent Melbourne bottle shop, owned and run by siblings Paul and Jessica Ghaie since 2006. With genuine care for their people, and passion and dedication to customers and community, Blackhearts & Sparrows was created as a rejection of the stereotypically pretentious specialty wine store, and the notio that good wine must be expensive. 

TRiC were commissioned to redesign the Blackhearts & Sparrows website and build out their existing visual language, evolving the brand for the digital space. 

Blackhearts & Sparrows have always been more than a bottle shop for Melburnians (and TRiC). Walking into one of their stores is like walking into a good book or record store for the first time, and you instantly know there's interesting curation at play. Stocked with independent wines from all around the world, the collection has a huge variety of labels, designs, illustrations and mini artworks that are beautiful and inspiring.

Our intention was to celebrate B&S’s talent in curating their collection, and elevate the visual interest of each of the products; essentially a library or catalogue approach, only more fun.
Herein lay the opportunity to refresh and expand on Blackhearts’ existing brand elements, enhancing the brand to function more appropriately online, whilst also aligning them more closely with the iconic and welcoming neighbourhood business they've grown to be. We focused on creating seamless customer journeys and sharp functionality through the site, ensuring that the Blackhearts experience online is as breezy, welcoming, inspiring and unpretentious as it is in one of their physical stores.

Creative Direction

Typography: Lausanne (Type Weltkern)