Launched in 2023, Darl’ is all about love for your health, yourself and your skin. It’s Aussie-made, science-backed and environmentally bottled; a three-step skincare process with products designed to balance, nourish and protect your face.

TRiC were tasked with creating an identity that would present Darl’ as a challenger in the market and inject vibrancy into a world that is often clinical and science-focused. The team at Darl’ had spent considerable time establishing the distinctive personality and tone of voice of the brand and its intentions, which formed the basis of our creative exploration.

We drew particular inspiration from Darl’s unique ethos around skin ‘love’, and wanted to convey this through the fundamental core of the identity. This led to the creation of a custom logo that mirrors like a love heart. Bubbly, bold and confident, its rounded, cushiony form can also be used to hold, hug and carry content. 

It’s unique, a bit cheeky, and radiates warmth and inclusivity through the core brand colour — a vibrant, sunny yellow. We created a complementary palette of bright colours to support the core yellow, reminiscent of the Australian landscape, and ensuring flexibility for the Darl’ range to expand and evolve.
We chose to contrast the mark with the use of geometric sans-serif typeface Favorit, by ABC Dinamo, to establish a refined typographic system that would clearly communicate in application, particularly across packaging. The quirks and boldness of the typeface complement the conversational, distinctly Australian tone of the brand’s messaging.

Darl’ is passionate, sophisticated, and above-all, fun.

Creative Direction

Photography: Jess Brohier for DARL’
Typography: Favorit (Dinamo)