Elka Collective

Founded in Melbourne in 2014, Elka Collective is fashion label dedicated to creating exquisite garments that resonate with women seeking timeless yet contemporary pieces. After a strong period of growth, Elka Collective felt a misalignment between the quality of their product and their brand. TRiC were tasked with creating a new identity that represented the beauty and quality of their garments, and their aspiration as a brand. 

We first took time to understand founder Courtney Price’s philosophy, and her aspirations for the brand moving forward. The uncompromising quality of the pieces, along with the existing photographic output and art direction, provided us with a strong tonal reference to draw from. 

We looked to create a brand that conveys the strength, elegance and femininity embodied in the Elka Collective woman; the timeless pieces, with effortlessly wearable sensibility. 
The new Elka Collective identity presents a soft, contemporary wordmark that embraces the length of the brand name, accentuating the visual space between the two words. We took inspiration from classical typography and motifs, choosing to pair the softer serif wordmark with a strong, graphic monogram reminiscent of a stained glass window, and heavy small-set secondary type. The monogram is a repeat of itself and abstraction of the letters EC. It works beautifully at small scale, whether as an embossing or small detail on a zipper or label, and when repeated.

The Elka Collective brand has seamlessly evolved to elevate brand towards timeless elegance. 

Creative Direction

Photography: Courtesy of Elka Collective
Typography: Chrysanthi Unicode (Every Witch Way),  Suisse Int’l (Swiss Typefaces)