Hector's Deli

Hector's Deli started as a small sandwich shop in suburban Melbourne, Australia, offering coffee and five sandwiches. TRiC was an integral collaborator from inception, with founder Dom Wilton recognising the importance of a memorable visual presence and an iconic brand identity for his deli.

Wilton's vision was to serve sandwiches so big they would burst out of your hand. This inspired the creation of a distinctive icon, which we initially drew on an etch-a-sketch. Complemented by a bold serif wordmark, vibrant red colour, and contrasting secondary typography, and an iconic identity was born. 

The brand conveys a sense of heritage, authenticity, and a forward-thinking approach. In creating the Hector's Deli wordmark, we drew inspiration from the progressive "It's Time" political campaign led by Paul Jones, the creative director of Hansen-Rubensohn–McCann-Erickson during former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam's tenure in 1972. A powerful image of Whitlam and singer Little Patti wearing "It's Time" t-shirts became a guiding principle during the brand's development. Whitlam’s legacy as Prime Minister included substantial investments in the arts, notably the acquisition of Jackson Pollock’s renowned artwork, “Blue Poles” (1952), considered to be one of Australia’s most significant cultural investments. 
The identity’s enduring appeal and strength are fortified by its art direction. Collaborating with talented photographers, we have produced enticing graphic images of the sandwiches for top-line campaigns and social media, now instantly recognisable and synonymous with Hector's Deli's brand DNA. 

The simple, iconic nature of the brand has propelled Hector's Deli's rapid expansion, which speaks to the power of a well-crafted and appealing visual identity, and how this can drive the success of a business. With the opening of a second deli in 2021 and a third in 2022, TRiC continues to evolve the brand across campaigns, packaging, signage, and creative strategy, ensuring its continued growth and relevance.

“What sets TRiC apart is their ability to understand the people behind the brand. Working with Tristan and Rick is an organic experience; it’s collaborative and without any presence of ego. The brand is great to look at, but it’s so much more than that. It represents what we stand for at Hector’s Deli. The genius is in their simple and authentic approach.”

— Dom Wilton, Hector’s Deli

Creative Direction

Interiors: Hecker Guthrie
Packaging: Contain Design Studio
Photography (Sandwiches): Jana Langhorst & Cheyenne Toomye
Photography (Environmental): Josh Robenstone & Annika Kafcaloudis
Signage: Anchor Signs
Typography: Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed (Eric Gill)  

The Brand Identity