Hillwood Whisky

Hillwood Whisky is a small-batch Australian whisky produced at the Tamar Valley Distillery in Northern Tasmania. Led by Master Distiller Paul Herron and his triplet sons, the family is deeply rooted in the local community. Hillwood Whisky pays homage to the town of the same name, nestled in a pure, nature-loving rural area known for its pristine air and water. 

The Herron family approached TRiC to establish a distinct visual identity and packaging that mirrored the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the whisky with timeless elegance.

We developed a custom serif wordmark that exudes sophistication and heritage. Embossed on the bottle label, it is complemented by a light grey 'HH' monogram, representing the Hillwood and Herron initials. The monogram features three vertical strokes, symbolising the triplet sons, connected by one horizontal stroke, representing their father. This element showcases the family's legacy and dedication to their craft.

The packaging features clean labels on off-white paper stock, exuding purity and simplicity. By eschewing gimmicks and fancy finishes, the labels remain clean and unadorned, much like the whisky itself. The typography adds sophistication and energy to the design.

Given the limited production volume, we opted to source existing glass bottles, with clean lines and a substantial weight. The bottle tops, made of timber with a cork plug, further enhance the handcrafted feel of the product. The natural variations in shade and grain of the timber tops add a distinctive touch to each bottle. The product comes presented in a premium handcrafted Beech wood box, meticulously made by Hillwood cooper Brendon Herron.

The success of Hillwood Whisky is a testament to the collaboration between the Herron Family and TRiC, and a shared commitment to excellence.

“We came to TRiC with a blank canvas and a huge request — to give our whisky an identity. TRiC took the ball and ran with it all the way. Over time we gained a full appreciation of what a massive undertaking this was as project, but TRiC completely took the stress out of it. We regularly get positive feedback on our branding from customers. What TRiC has shaped for us fits us to a tee. We’re super proud of it.”

— Daniel Herron, Hillwood Whisky

Creative Direction

CREDITSCopywriting: Haylee McKeePhotography (Lifestyle): Josh RobenstonePhotography (Packaging): Daniel Hermann Zoll Typography: Self Modern (Bretagne)Web Developemnt: Mr Kyle Mac
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World Whisky Awards, Design, Silver
World Whisky Awards, Gold Single Cask Single Malt Under 12 years