Human Rights Law Centre

Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) is a fearless, independent organisation that protects and promotes human rights, supporting people and communities across the country in an effort to eliminate inequality and injustice, and build a fairer, more compassionate Australia.

Following an extensive research process we were commissioned to modernise the organisation's identity and communications, with an inspired new design system and strategic overhaul. The identity needed to be suitable on a number of levels — genuine and visionary for the general public, optimistic and aspirational for donors, and firm and influential to government.

HRLC were attracted to our experience working in the arts and cultural sector. Their willingness to challenge the status quo of their industry, and break away from the traditional pathway of studios specialising in NGO branding really resonated with us. 
We took inspiration from the vernacular of the protest placard; passionately reactive, always bold, always underlined, and if there’s a full stop – it’s more than likely snapped a marker in the process.

Embracing the organisation’s name itself, we leaned into the powerful words ‘human’, ‘rights’ and ‘law’ to straightforwardly communicate, “This is who we are and this is what we do.” Familiar language devices – the underline and full stop – eliminate hierarchy and emphasise each word equally. The resulting logo is firm but friendly, confident and refined.
Simple at its core, the encompassing brand system is what provides flexibility. A reliable typographic system incorporates both a serif and a grotesk typeface, ensuring clear and accessible communication. Colour was a point of contention, considering its representative power and subjective meaning, especially in politics and activism. Rather than using colour prescriptively, we opted to use it freely and boldly. The chosen palette represents the full spectrum of human rights in all territories, and is open to adjustment as the brand evolves.

The resulting identity framework demonstrates that clear, forward communication is key to creating community and making meaningful change.

“We identified the need for a rebrand to better communicate our work and engage with our supporters. We were impressed by TRiC’s portfolio and approach and chose them to design the new brand. They understood the brief and delivered an outstanding new brand identity that has been embraced by our team, board and supporters alike. I’ve been part of a number of rebrand projects in my career and I’ve never seen one produce a new logo that is as universally loved as ours is.”

— Hugh de Kretser, Human Rights Law Centre

Creative Direction