Jack Murat

Australian grown. Family grown. Jack Murat is coffee made with pride. 

The Murat name has been a pioneering part of the agricultural industry since a young Albanian immigrant named Hymet Murat, who soon became known as “Jack”, set up his first farm under the bright Queensland sun. Decades later, his three sons and grandchildren continue to operate his farm. Where tobacco once grew, today the fields are home to a thriving Arabica coffee bean plantation.

The Murat family approached TRiC to develop the identity, story, strategy and creative approach for Jack Murat across all touch points.  

Our approach was to strip out all of the visual noise typically seen in coffee branding. We lead with — Australian Coffee — which is a rare offer. This is endorsed — by Jack Murat — proudly announcing our point of difference.

We developed a confident monogram of ‘JM’, Jack’s initials, which forms the heart of the brand. The word ‘initial’, derived from the Latin ‘initialis’, means ‘standing at the beginning’; reflective of both Jack’s pioneering role and the rare offering of Australian Coffee. 

The identity system is designed to stand out. A delicately balanced system of bold colour, scale and minimal typography brings the Jack Murat product, story, and difference front and centre. As the Jack Murat offering continues to evolve, so too does the brand, across website, packaging, social and collateral. No bells and whistles – simple and honest. 

Creative Direction

Copywriting: Letterform
Photography (Environmental) : Josh Robenstone & Nic Morgante
Photography (Product) : Daniel Herrmann Zoll 
Typography: Suisse Int’l (Suisse Typefaces), Founders Grotesk X-Condensed + Mono (Klim Type Foundry)