Lucy Folk

Known for her spirited accessories and resort-inspired apparel, Lucy Folk presents a sense of subtle luxury with timeless wearability. After nearly ten years with her existing packaging, Lucy Folk tasked TRiC with redesigning her packaging suite to coincide with the opening of her Paddington boutique. 

 As a legacy client, we had a significant understanding of the brand’s journey and philosophy in undertaking this project.

Our approach took inspiration directly from the Lucy Folk world. Rather than creating new assets, we worked within the existing brand suite, and provided subtle intervention through colour, texture and scale while limiting the use of inks and glues. Working closely with the teams at Lucy Folk and Contain, we ensured the packaging was sustainable, cost effective and luxurious, without compromising on function.

The core motif — a sun face — can be seen across the Lucy Folk towelling range, as well as on the counter of their Paddington Boutique, designed by Tamsin Johnson. Imbedded in the Lucy Folk brand DNA, we felt this motif had the strength to be obscured as a blind emboss across the packaging suite.
The packaging culminates in a melange of elements; cotton pouches, subtle tonal shifts, layered textures and a gold foil logo to house treasures from the Lucy Folk collection.

“There are few people in life that can actually realise your ideas without a brief. TRiC is on the same page. They deliver what you want and more without the email chain. I have worked with Tristan for over a decade and what I love about TRiC is that it’s a pleasure to work together. It’s fun and life is about enjoying the process and company. It’s a bonus to be able to create greatness.”

— Lucy Folk

Creative Direction

CREDITSPhotography: Lillie Thompson
Production: Contain Design Studio