MAAP is a renowned global cycling brand founded in Melbourne in 2014, known for its high-performance, technically engineered apparel, designed to excel in all cycling conditions. TRiC has been working with MAAP since its inception, helping establish the core brand identity and collaborating on various projects over the years.

In 2022, MAAP approached TRiC to create an identity for MAAP LaB, their first fully experiential store located in Collingwood, in Melbourne’s inner-city. The store would showcase MAAP products in an elevated environment while also acting as a hub for creative dialogue and collaboration with the local cycling and cultural communities. The brief was to develop an identity that reflected MAAP’s design principles and brand values with a more approachable and low-fi aesthetic.

We built a distinctive identity for MAAP LaB, using the brand typeface, Monument Grotesk, integrating the existing MAAP logo to create a cohesive lockup. The resulting graphic is simple, approachable, and visually evocative of movement, capturing the essence of cycling.

To complement the mark, we developed a flexible graphic system with a library of expressive colourful patterns to be used across brand touchpoints, catering to the diverse spirit of different store rides and events. The graphics bring energy and dynamism to the overall LaB experience.
Aligning with the broader core values and energy of MAAP, the energetic identity system for MAAP LaB appeals to both experienced cyclists and those new to the sport, creating a welcoming cultural hub for the cycling community. 

Creative Direction
Social Media

Photography: Charlie Hawks
Typography: Monument Grotesk (Dinamo)