Mecca Cosmetica

Mecca Cosmetica, the beloved in-house brand of Australian beauty retailer MECCA, is a leader in the Australian cosmetic SPF and skincare markets. Born from the shop floor, Mecca Cosmetica offers a curated, considered and uniquely Australian collection of uncomplicated beauty essentials. Informed by more than 25 years of customer insights; a feedback loop known as the Living Lab of Beauty.

Looking to cement their position as the authority in luxury SPF, Mecca Cosmetica tasked TRiC with creating a launch campaign for their new SPF product, Radiant Sun Mousse. Our approach was to work authentically in line with the existing brand and assets, and inject new creative energy through the campaign. 

We took time to understand the unique use case of the new product; a cosmetic SPF with beauty+ benefits versus regular sunscreen. An innovation in body SPF, this product was to be the first SPF mousse available in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Designed to live in your handbag, rather than a beach bag, the Radiant Sun Mousse is for daytime outings, when you want your skin to look its best, with the added benefit of sun protection.

We needed to avoid an overly summery or beachy-themed campaign, and instead promote the importance of year-round SPF usage, and protection from the harsh rays we experience in the southern hemisphere.
This led us to the concept of “SUN DRESSED” — luminous, sun-protected skin; the final layer to an outfit that revels in the sun. Effortlessly elevated, tonal and dynamic, with black and white, high-contrast images highlighting an empowered crop of a woman’s neck, shoulders and arms. 

The camera is straight on, with light shifting across the frame, catching the smooth contours of her body from the neck to the fold of the arm. Minimal wardrobe plays a role in elevating the image, reflecting the weightlessness of the product and revealing protected skin. Vignettes then show the gentle application of the product. Opaque mousse, applied to the skin, seamlessly achieves a radiant finish.

Working alongside our production partner, The ARTL—NE, we curated a spirited team of creatives to bring our vision for “SUN DRESSED” to life.

Creative Direction

Photographer: Daniel Goode
Motion: Henry Cousins
Fashion Stylist: Natalie Petrevski
Still Life Stylist: Cristina Guerrero Fernandez
Hair: Lok Lau
Make Up: Shella Ruby Martin
Talent: Julia Vanos & Ava Lamb
Copywriting: Brodie Lancaster & Fred Mora
Production: The ARTL—NE and Carmen Cicchinelli
Client: Mecca Cosmetica