Established in Sydney in 2009 and now with showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, New York and London, P.Johnson draws upon traditional Italian tailoring practices, with a focus on lightness, simplicity and wearability, creating elegant and versatile wardrobes for its clients

TRiC has worked with P.Johnson since its inception, with broad input across all aspects of the brand – from identity, packaging and collateral, through to the strategy of the business's marketing communications, storytelling, campaigns, products, in-store experience and e-commerce.

The core P.Johnson brand is fundamentally formed by a beautifully typeset wordmark, and two typographic styles. These key type styles combine to create the thread that runs through the fabric of the brand, allowing for formal and informal expression across all touchpoints. 

A full e-commerce site was designed and developed by TRiC, in collaboration with the team at P.Johnson, along with a holistic redesign of their packaging suite, in collaboration with the team at Contain Design. Beautiful and refined, with sustainability in mind, the packaging speaks to the understated luxury of the P.Johnson garments. 

The brand is an evolving entity, with unlimited opportunity for expressive moments. Marks for sub brands, like Fishing and Sporting, add an unexpected whimsicality to the brand. Bold graphics on limited release t-shirts and caps allow for diverse, ephemeral moments, and add another layer to the finesse of the tailoring practice. 
“We have worked with Tristan over 10 years now. Tristan instinctively understands our creative identity as a business, which is a remarkable talent. He captures our personality, our sense of humour, perversity and joy for all things good. He successfully extends it into our visual content, or he carefully creates space for it as necessary — which is a very fine and sensitive balance to tread, especially for a business with such an intimate attachment to its creative integrity. TRiC recently carried out a full brand overhaul for us and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Bravo.”

— Patrick Johnson

Creative Direction

CREDITSPhotography: James Harvey Kelly