In 2022, TRiC were invited to art direct and design the inaugural issue of RUSSH Home, guest edited by interior designer Tamsin Johnson (view full case study here). In 2023, TRiC were invited to design the second issue of RUSSH Home, with a painting by artist Mia Boe on the cover.

Having established the visual foundations for RUSSH Home in the first issue, we evolved the design language for the second issue, with the addition of bolder typography and graphic line elements, increasing the dynamic contrast through the magazine. 
 The second issue of features another varied group of creatives, including Amrita Hepi, Mia Boe, Sophia Roe, André Saraiva, Xanthe Wetzler, Jonathan Zawada, Nabilah Nordin, India Rose James, Joel Bennetts, Arlo Communal, Sian Redgrave, Noms du Jour, and Adrien Meško. The cover art, Mia Boe and Jack Noble, Wonamutta, 2021, by Mia Boe, depicts Mia Boe with her ancestor Wonamutta (Jack Noble), who was a trooper in the Native Police, and one of the black trackers who caught Ned Kelly.

'RUSSH Home' is the beginning of a conversation with the world of design.⁠

Art Direction
Masthead Design
Publication Design

Editor-in-chief: Jess Blanch
Editor: Tamsin Johnson
Photography: Adrian MeškoTypography: Marist (Dinamo)