Australian select retail store Supply first opened in 2002, in inner city Darlinghurst, Sydney. Known at the time for its offering of niche underground brands, Supply has since built a worldwide reputation for introducing and supporting both global and independent brands and designers in the Australian market.

Having known and worked closely with Supply founder Shawn Yates over the past ten years on a number of smaller projects, when we were approached to work on the expansion of Supply’s marketing and digital presence, we suggested first re-establishing the bedrock of the brand.

Through an extensive brand audit across all physical and digital touch points and some blue-sky thinking, we established that once the brand was rewired and the digital platform enabled, we would be able to exponentially grow Supply’s digital efficacy across website and SEO, incorporating Magento and other software critical to the function of the business.

Our approach was to retain and highlight the legacy of the Supply brand, and elevate it to have a more robust proprietary brand language and digital presence. With only a logo, a shade of blue and Courier, the brand had managed to have a large impact thus far as the top streetwear store in Australia. 

We gently reworked the core brand elements to be more suitable for the digital space by optically correcting the brand logo, shifting hue to a more vibrant digital blue, and updating the brand typeface to Courier Prime. The bold move was adding in a Grotesk typeface, and designing a custom typeface, SUPPLY STENCIL, in the vernacular of classic hardcore visual language. 
SUPPLY STENCIL took inspiration from the history of hardcore, punk and metal, the rich history of the Supply brand, and Shawn’s involvement in early hardcore/punk/metal zines and tape trading. Music is central to the Supply brand and is what bore the original brand 20 years ago as the clothing counterpart to the iconic Sydney record store Central Station. 

The resulting brand platform highlights the strength and legacy of Supply as one of Australia’s original and leading streetwear stores.

Creative Direction
Custom Typeface

Photography: Courtesy of Supply
Typography: SUPPLY STENCIL (TRiC),  Courier Prime (Alan Dague-Greene), Neue Haas Grotesk (Max Miedinger & Eduard Hoffmann)