Tamsin Johnson

Known for her refined yet relaxed aesthetic, interior designer Tamsin Johnson has projects in New York, Paris, London and across Australia. With a distinct flair for combining pieces from across decades and continents, Tamsin creates spaces that are at once beautiful and liveable. 

Tamsin Johnson came to TRiC to refresh her brand, creating a new identity for her personal practice, office and showroom space in Paddington, Sydney. We created the original brand in 2014; a gestural mark reminiscent of a signature. 

In reinterpreting the identity, we updated this mark to a typographic signature; a hyper-classical Italian Old Style typeface, fit with terminals reminiscent of Italian flourishes, not too dissimilar to those seen in classic architecture. The typeface references Tamsin’s upbringing, living amongst classical objects and furniture with her father, renowned Melbourne antique dealer Ed Clarke. 

We drew inspiration from classical motifs, and embellishments seen in classic Roman and Italian furniture, and architecture. We also looked to the showroom building at No. 1 Victoria Street, and saw opportunities to create expressive moments unique to the space and architecture. Flourishes seen in classic furniture and bent steel themed in with the iconic wiggles seen in the terracing of the building. This led to the creation of a distinctive ‘TJ’ icon, that ornately references curved steel, and works cohesively with the typographic wordmark. 
A large window on the front facade sits in front of a roller door, which we emblazoned with a red and orange square on either side to represent the counter forms of a capital T, therein branding the building with a bold subtlety. When the roller door is open, the window casts light across the floor of the showroom, bringing a lively brand experience into the space filled with wonders and oddities sourced from across the globe. A small flag featuring the same motif finds its place to at the top of the facade, motioning customers towards the building. 

The approach and identity reflects the work and tone of Tamsin Johnson, whose interiors reference the past while presenting a distinct contemporary edge.

Creative Direction