Wildflower is a furniture curation and procurement service, bridging the gap between interior designers and everyday people. The Wildflower design philosophy goes beyond the curation and selection of furniture; it centres on people, place, and potential to bring spaces to life. 

TRiC saw this as an opportunity to craft a brand environment that not only met the functional needs of Wildflower as a business, but also inspired creation and productivity, and referenced the boundless nature of furniture and the impact this can have on a space.

Conceptually, the Wildflower identity draws connections between the wildflowers that grow effortlessly in nature, and the art of furniture arrangement. Taking inspiration from the rich visual history of furniture design, we devised an energetic brand system for Wildflower, that speaks directly to the digital zeitgeist. 

An expressive icon with a red hero flower, complemented by a suite of alternating graphic flower heads, represents adaptation and perspective. The icon is echoed in the bold wordmark, forming the fundamental core of the identity. We devised a tagline — hand picked and curated by — connecting the name and concept of the flower with the bespoke nature of curation. Secondary type was chosen to contrast the boldness of the wordmark. Vibrant colour, graphic elements and classic furniture cut-outs round out the design system, creating an engaging and diverse brand experience.
These elements culminate on the Wildflower website, which we designed and developed in-house. In the digital space we see the flexibility and bold energy of the brand come to life, echoing freedom of arrangement and bold expression. Wildflower is a holistic concept that inspires true engagement within the design landscape.

“There was something really intuitive and natural about working with TRiC. They actively listened through all of our initial conversations and workshops and have delivered a brand that has gone beyond what we ever could have imagined.”

— Cara Stizza, Wildflower

Creative Direction

Photography: Josh RobenstoneTypography: Futura (Paul Renner), Monument Grotesk (Dinamo)