Bottle Drop

Alongside redesigning the Blackhearts & Sparrows website (view case study here) TRiC were also tasked with creating a unique identity for Blackhearts’ unique subscription service, Bottle Drop.      

The brief was to create something bold and vibrant, eliciting excitement and curiosity. It needed to be clear, concise and direct, but was also an opportunity to create a playful moment that would encourage customer engagement with the service. 

We landed on an approach that was visually graphic, creating a large drop symbol positioned amongst jumbled lettering. The playful arrangement of the ‘Bottle Drop’ letters created opportunity for the elements to be animated, whilst also functioning well as a static mark. 
The core drop symbol has the flexibility to be used both in the Bottle Drop logo, and as a distinctive functional element to help customers navigate through the steps of the subscription service. We chose to lead with a fluorescent green to signal directly to the subscription service, and contrast against the core colour palette of the Blackhearts website. 

It was important that the Bottle Drop design system could sit inline with the core Blackhearts website design, whilst visually signalling a break away from the main site through its distinctive visual language and curated customer journey.

Creative Direction

Typography: Lausanne (Type Weltkern)