Mecca Cosmetica

Looking to build credibility and equity in their skincare range, TRiC were again tasked by Mecca Cosmetica with creating a launch campaign for a new product, this time the Renewing Cleansing Gel. Having created a campaign for the launch of their new SPF Radiant Sun Mousse product (view case study here), our approach was to again work authentically in line with the existing brand and assets, and inject new creative energy through the campaign. 

Cleansers, whilst essential, often sit in the background to other more powerful skincare products, such as serums and moisturisers. The challenge therefore lay in presenting the Renewing Cleansing Gel as a luxurious, high-performing cleansing product, whilst owning the ubiquity of cleansing.

It was also important to position the new product more broadly within the holistic Mecca Cosmetica skincare offering; a powerful pillar of your skincare routine that sets a proper base, allowing other products to work effectively, and ensuring you achieve your skin goals.
Distilling this conceptually led us to “YOUR SKIN STARTS HERE” — celebrating the luxury of loving your skin through repetition and daily cleansing; a fresh start every day. Intimate and dreamy, with moments of shifting focus softening the visuals. The subject locked in frame, looking at the camera as they would a mirror; with filmic vignettes of product being applied, touching face, representing the sequential, repetitive, and intimate nature of practicing skincare. The campaign culminates in a series of images on repetition, highlighting different points of the cleansing moment and reinforcing the luxury of taking care of your skin.

Working closely again with our production partner, The ARTL—NE, we established another dynamic team of creatives to complete our vision for this campaign. 

Creative Direction

Photographer: Pierre Toussaint
Motion: Henry Cousins
Fashion Stylist: Natalie Petrevski
Still Life Stylist: Cristina Guerrero Fernandez
Hair: Lok Lau
Make Up: Shella Ruby Martin
Talent: Ari Urdaneta & Mali Lowe
Copywriting: Brodie Lancaster & Fred Mora
Production: The ARTL—NE and Carmen Cicchinelli
Client: Mecca Cosmetica